The Cool School Los Angeles fosters creativity, critical thinking, personal development and fundamental art skills. We strive to enrich the individual, strengthen our community and add to the cultural heritage of Los Angeles through high quality art classes that are fun and meaningful.

In Los Angeles, during the 1960’s, something really cool was happening in the art world. A group of young artists, two passionate entrepreneurs and a little gallery called Ferus were instrumental in catapulting Los Angeles to the forefront of the American art scene. Collectors and artists turned their heads from New York, and the reign of abstract expressionism, realizing something important was happening on the west coast.


What began during the sixties, helped pave the way for Los Angeles to become the international art center it is today. This band of Ferus Gallery artists were referred to as The Cool School in a 1964 article in Art Forum magazine and popularized by an ArtHaus documentary of the same name in 2008. Ferus Gallery artists included John Altoon, Larry Bell, Billy Al Bengston, Walter Berman, Robert Irwin, Craig Kauffman, Ed Kienholz, Allen Lynch, Ed Moses, Ed Ruscha and Andy Warhol. 


Our school is named The Cool School Los Angeles as a way to honor the cultural legacy created in Los Angeles during this formative time. With this as a source of inspiration we aim to promote the same attributes of intellect, creativity and cultural ambition for the next generation of artistic minds.