Kids Art Club

Ages: 7+

Tuesdays: 3pm - 4:15pm

Teacher: Mr. Green


Kids Art Club is an after-school program that gives young creatives a chance to wiggle, loosen up, relax and have fun while learning about art, artists, ancient cultures and more. We maintain a safe, positive and nurturing learning environment, so that children feel comfortable experimenting and expressing themselves. We enjoy building community, making new friends and learning new things. Drop in Tuesday afternoons for a socially rewarding, creative and enriching, art-making experience. We look forward to seeing you soon!


We value your child's development and education. Through the visual arts and well developed curriculums your children gain confidence and access skills to thrive academically, socially and personally. Along with the live class experience, we offer resources for your children and families to explore and learn from. Many of the artworks we reference and learn from come directly from local art museums and Los Angeles based artists which allows you to tie your child's learning experience into the greater arts community of Los Angeles.